Is it A Good Idea to Buy Eyeglasses Online?


Have you ever thought about buying eyeglasses online?,The answer to whether it’s a good idea or not is, “it depends.” As an optician people ask me all the time for eyeglass help especially online eyeglasses and if it’s a safe option I have done quite a bit of research into this new phenomenon and have come to a few conclusions about the safety and accuracy of purchasing prescription eyeglasses on the internet. Some good and some not so good. With the advancement of tecnololgy it is definitly being made easier to purchase glasses because of things like virtual 3D screens which allow you to actually use your own face to try frames on.


Buying Single Vision Glasses Online

As far as I’m concerned, the easiest type of eyeglasses to purchase on the internet are glasses with single vision lenses. You’ll obtain your prescription as well as a PD from an Optometrist who examines your eyes and then you enter this information into the online eyeglass store’s website when you order your glasses.If you cannot get your PD from your Optometrist there are easy ways to get the measurement by yourself, I have a short video on this site telling you how to do this ,Do not ask your local optical store for your PD as they proberly won,t give it to you.

As long as you’re comfortable not having tried on the framesfor real there is the good potential to be entirely satisfied when buying this type of eye-wear online. A pupillary distance is fairly easy to get and glasses can be easily produced. Some companies have better quality eye-wear than others. If you want cheap eyeglasses then thats what your get even if you pay more you will still proberly pay less than what you will in a store. Beware of copycat desighner frames as they are widely sold on the internet.

When Should you Be careful Buying Your Glasses Online?

When you require bifocal or progressive lined or no line) glasses, A couple millimeters can make a big difference in how you see. If you’re not being measured with the frames on your face, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll end up with glasses that are inaccurate and this can throw everything off. I am not saying its impossible to get a good fit but with bifocals it can get a little tricky. ont be fooled by people who say its a standard measurment there is NO SUCH THING .

I have personally reached out to a numerous companies that sell bifocals and progressive lenses online and was told they use your PD to generate the measurements for placing the bifocal height of your lenses appropriately. Now, while this answer may appease someone who doesn’t know much about eyeglasses, I know that the PD has little to nothing to do with segment height, frame positioning on your face is vital and the way you hold your head when you read versus looking out of your lenses for distance vision all come into play.You see it would be great if we all walked around with the same posture but this is just not true with human beings, And thus the need for trained opticians viewing your frames on you. A lot of companies seem to have a very relaxed way of producing bifocal eyeglasses. But as you may have heard before you get what you pay for. If you want cheaply made eyeglasses that’s what you will get progressive  lenses need to be properly fitted.

What To Do Next…

If you’re set on purchasing your next pair of prescription eyeglasses online, be sure the store offers a satisfaction guarantee. This way you’ll know that if they’ve made them incorrectly  you  can easily send them back until they get them right! hopefully that’s not the case, there are ways you can pretty well assure a correct measurement and I will be talking about that later . Remember ask questions and its a good idea to write them down before you order you new glasses, Some companies actually have opticians that work the phones.

Above all if your not sure about something send me a comment I would love to help you out

Bob the Optician Guy :)



Reviews Of Online Eyeglass Companies

Reviews of online eyeglass Companies

As I have mentioned in previous posts there are good optical companies and there are ones you should stay away from . Just as in regular optical stores some sell better quality goods than others, but one thing you can be sure of the frames online companies give away are definitely junk. My job here is to give you some honest reviews of online eyeglass companies and let you decide yourself based on customer service and customer reviews what companies have the best records. Now of coarse there are literally thousands of online optical companies out there and it would be impossible to review all of them. But I can give some examples and recommendations on what I consider good and what to look out for.

First of all lets take a look at what people complain about the most and that is usually delays in getting there orders, and when they do finally arrive there is something wrong with the prescription or the frame dosn,t look as good as you thought it did and you want to return them for another pair causing more delays that sometimes take weeks to get right here are a few examples.
The Bad 

  • Poor picture quality making it hard to see the colors or having more than one color of the frame but not displaying them.
  • The next problem was choosing the right size frame for your face how do you know what size looks good ?,If you have an old pair of glasses you can get the size right of the frame which most sites didn’t explain how to do very well they should have qualified people to help.  Several sites suggested trying the frame on at a store, but that is kind of defeats the purpose.The reason people are using the Internet is to avoid a store visit.
  • Restrictions on certain lens powers due to the frame size or curve in the frames again good companies have good knowledge of this and should be able to advice you.
  • Finding out after ordering the glasses that the frames are discontinued.
  • Not really knowing what they will actualy look like until they arrive.
  • Incorrect bifocal fittings (This is a big one)
  • Quality of frame or lenses not being what you expected.
  • Frustration with bad communication with the company itself.

You can tell a good online optical by…
The Good

  1. Well laid out sites with lots of information on all aspects of lenses and frames,
  2. Knowledgeable staff that are easy to contact.
  3. Brand name frames ( be careful there are lots of designer copies,
  4. Preferably frames you can try on virtually to help you with choosing,
  5. Different sizes and colors available.
  6. Very thorough warranty’s on all there products.
  7. And more than anything a speedy delivery with frames and lenses produced correctly and accurately
  8. Ask if they have optician on site that you can talk with.

Some companies I recommend Are

 Frames Direct : Very nice selection professional people running it

Glasses USA : One of the pioneers of online eyeglasses good reputation

Solstice: Great site for good Quality Sun Wear and more

Replace a Lens : if you want to use your own frames

Warby Parker- excellant service great frames and every pair you buy they send another to a needy person.

You might want to check out this too

Great place to get new lenses for your old frames

Markup on eyeglasses

Customer Holding Eyeglasses In Optician StoreBeing in the optical business I am often asked about the markup on eyeglasses and how do I know if I am paying too much. I hope this article will help a little in understanding how glasses are priced.

There are certain retailers in the eyeglass world that you are probably familiar with, These companies are leaders in the optical business and tend to control pricing in the industry by the shear volume of business they do.

I wonder if people know that Gucci,Burbery,Versage,Dior,and many other frames actually are supplied by the one company Luxotica which is the same company that owns LensCrafters,Pearl Vision,Target,and Sears optical. Of coarse with names like that you expect to pay more right! WRONG! There are places where you will pay a lot more than others for pretty well the same products Someone has to pay for the decor and its usually the customer.

They also sell their frames too many independent stores who can acquire an account with them. Now why should anybody care about this? well if you look around and compare prices you will notice there is a big price difference in these products which is usually determined by the company selling them. And the amount of business they do.

Smaller stores cannot afford to charge the same prices as the bigger stores or they would go out of business.The so called average mark up is cost times three but this varies from place to place and what I have noticed over my years in the business is the bigger store,s have higher markup,s and yet they are selling the exact same frames,

I know markups are a part of life, but why is there so much difference ? Well one thing is a lot of the bigger companies have state of the art equipment and high rents plus more opticians to pay. Now let me make it clear I am not talking about cheap eyeglasses ,it still amazes me that people will spend $400 on a pair of earrings yet when it comes to their eyes they feel cheaper is better. You get what you pay for I have said this time and time again glasses that cost you a ridiculously low price will not last and are not meant to last. Not to mention the low quality lenses you get with them that scratch and have coatings that don,t last If you have to keep buying new glasses all the time is there really a savings in buying cheap?. Remember this is something you put on your face for the whole world to see.

No one should have to overpay for their glasses either, you should make sure you do some research if you want to get a reasonably priced quality pair of eyeglasses.Act like you know whats going on, also make sure your Company doesn’t have a flex plan or insurance that can help a lot of people don,t even know they have insurance for eyeglasses.

When you feel you are being overcharged for something question it! ,ask why are the lenses so much? or why are the coatings so expensive (you don’t have to go premium) the optician may be trying to upsell you which is quite common especially if they are making commissions on the sale and unfortunately work for some of the bigger companies

I know for a fact that the markup on lenses is incredibly high and the general public are getting ripped off. Why do you think online eyeglass companies sell their lenses for so much less it is because they can attract a much bigger audience and buy in bulk I can tell you from experience that single vision coated lenses cost companies a lot less than what you pay for them even when they are high index.

So remember their are plenty of tips online to help you make a wise purchase and if you are buying online glasses make sure you get your prescription and pupiller distance right ,the optometrist should not mind giving you a copy of your measurements on your prescription that is unless he sells eyeglasses too

Any question just leave a comment or you can email me at bobsoptical.info@gmail.com

Bob the optician guy :)




Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses – Cool Back In The 80’s And Cool Today, Too


Ray Ban polarized sunglasses were considered to be the ultimate sportswear, and were toted around by rock stars, models, and of course, their Hollywood agents. And, as one would expect to happen with classic style, Ray Ban polarized sunglasses are still chic today. As a mainstay style in hipster, hip hop, and creative circles, having a pair of Ray Bans is an investment in personal style that always seems to pay off. Here are some of the coolest ways to bring back the totally radical 80’s while wearing a pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses.
• Pair skinny jeans with the polarized Ray Ban sunglasses of your choice. It seems like the 80’s and 90’s are in full swing with the skinny jeans craze taking off with so many youthful subcultures. Rocking a pair of dark skinny jeans along with a trendy tee shirt, a flannel button down jacket, and a pair of polarized Ray Ban sunglasses is an easy way to stay trendy in even the most discriminating parts of New York City.

• When paired with a tank top, a short skirt, and some printed stockings, a pair of Ray Bans quickly turns into a funky yet sophisticated statement. A common staple in fashion magazines, this powerful combination carefully walks the thin line between high fashion and counterculture couture. We can’t get enough of it!

• A really easy way to achieve old school cool is to pair a plain tee shirt, a leather jacket, and a particularly sporty pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses. This particular style is just as much 1980’s rocker as it is 1950’s greaser, and it is still a classically cool look. When you’re wearing this outfit, you’ll feel ready to take on the world and ride off into the sunset like a modern version of James Dean.

• An easy way to turn Ray Ban polarized sunglasses into a preppy accompaniment is to sport them while wearing khaki shorts and a pop collar tee shirt. If you’re looking to fit in with friends at the country club, Ray Bans are the best possible accessory to choose. They are classic in style, which means that they can be matched to more conservative outfits if need be. When combined with a polarized lens that protects you from the sun’s rays while also helping you see better, you get a stylish pair of sunglasses that can really help you out during a game of golf.

• Many stylists have used Ray Ban glasses, especially those of the wayfarer style, as a way to snazz up a hair and makeup photoshoot. Funky hair and lipstick colors just seem to go hand in hand with neon-rimmed Ray Ban polarized sunglasses these days. We don’t get it either, but it just seems to be a thing, if you know what we mean.
Anyone who really wants to keep up with the times will need to invest in a good pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses. After all, great design and great quality never will go out of style

Another great perk is ray ban has great customer service they want to keep your business

Nikon Progressive Eyeglass lenses Review

picture supplied by Wiki Commons

Nikon an experience in vision

Are you looking to get the best lenses for your new frames ?Nikon progressive lenses are a great chioce for people starting out with their first pair of progessives and also those that have been wearing progressives for a while and want something that will vastly improve there over all vision.

Nikon has been leading the progressive lens market for quite a while now. The great thing about Nikon is they have a wide selection of progressive styles to fit many differant types of usage.

Conventional progressive lenses have three basic fields of vision Distance,Intermediate,and reading and what often distinguishes a more expensive lens from the a lesser one is the amount of peripheral vision you get especially in the distance . These days a company can take your basic measurements and plug them into a computer to get the best fitting for your progressives.

The advancements in lenses have made peripheral bluriness in progressive lenses almost a thing of the past and nikon has always lead the way in visual acuity . wearers have always loved the easy adaptability of there lenses it is something you will notice almost immediatly . In my years as a optician I have experienced  very low non -adaptability most people have stayed with them and would not try any other make.

Nikon have also been in the forefront of the digital lens, What is a digital lens? it basically is a lens which has had computer-controlled surfacing and is surfaced from the inside lens (concave) rather than the outside (convex)

Why Buy Eyeglasses Online

Smiling businesswoman at an office desk with a computer

I guess the next question you could ask is, Why buy glasses online anyway?’ Most people would likely say, ‘Because I can save a lot of money doing it that way’and I am tired of paying hundreds of dollars in optical stores, and that may be true, but first let’s look at some of the reasons why they cost so much more in the stores.First, of course, is the rent for the brick & mortar, and then staffing (paying opticians) and supplying the store with all the necessary tools. Last but not least, there is the inventory itself.

Online optical definitely have an advantage because of the sheer volume of products available thus ensuring better prices on frames and lenses from the manufacturers. But also remember that most brick & mortar stores carry a far more varied line of products than online spectacles companies, especially if you are looking for something unique in either frames or lenses.

Buying cheap spectacles online may be enticing, but believe me in the long run you may end up spending more money than you anticipated, Remember that it is your vision you are dealing with and how you see your world. Everybody likes quality so why scrimp on such an important thing as your eyesight? Now I am not saying you should go out and buy the most expensive frames and lenses, but these days there are a lot of premium products out there that you don’t have to break the bank to buy

With single vision lenses, especially if you have a higher power even though they are just single vision you will definitely see better with higher index premium lenses. When it comes to progressive and bifocal lenses, the quality of the lenses become even more important. Progressive lenses are measured by how much distortion you get in your side vision the better the lenses the less distortion you get.

Progressive Lens Design

The most common problems people encounter with bifocal or progressive lenses are poor fitting heights and frames that do not fit the person well. This problem, of course, can be magnified by buying them online as you don’t get a chance to actually try them on. If you have worn progressives before then you have an advantage, because you have an idea of what has worked for you in the past. But if you haven’t worn them before, how can you know what a good fit is and what is a bad fitting pair of spectacles? One way you can get over this hurdle is by going to your local optical store and getting information from the optician by trying on frames in the store itself.

Some questions you can ask is if ordering online are
1) How exactly do you measure bifocals and progressive lenses?
2) Do you have a returns Policy?
3) What if the doctor changes my prescription in the first sixty days (most optical stores will replace lenses at no charge)?
4) Do you supply cases and microfiber cloths?
5) What range of lenses do you carry, and what kinds of tints and coating do you have?
6) What happens if I break my frames? Do you provide a warranty to cover this?

By asking just a few simple questions like these you should at least get an idea of the kind of customer service you will get as most of the leading opticals should have people who have a knowledge of actual product info.

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment :)

Snowmobile Goggles

Selecting The Right Snowmobile Goggles

Winter outdoor activities, such as riding snowmobiles, snowboarding and skiing involve speed and need protective eye-gear so the sport is not only enjoyable but is safe. Wearing the right snowmobile goggle protects the eyes from natural elements, like snow, ice, wind, branches and other debris. Goggles also protect the eyes from harmful rays that reflect off the white snow from the sun. Traveling at a high speed will cause the eyes to water unless wearing goggles.

But wearing just any goggle will not guarantee 100% hazard protection. For example, frostbite is a common problem if the goggle is not the right fit. Here are a few simple tips to consider when shopping around for your new snowboard goggle:
1. Look for a solid seal. Goggles with a bordering foam around the rim helps prevent wind leakage. The foam depth may differ from one face shape another to another person’s fit.
2. Try on the helmet with the goggle. Because everyone’s head and face shape is different, try on different helmets and goggles to get the right fit. You may end up finding that the manufacture for one helmet fits perfectly for a goggle from another manufacturer. Another important reason to try on both is because the helmet pulls on the goggle straps and can cause the wind to seep through.
3. Anti-fog coating. Even the best goggles can’t prevent your body heat from traveling into your goggle, causing it to fog up. An enthusiast should consider carrying an anti-fog cleaner. It takes just a few seconds to spray, wipe, and dry.

If you’re still having issues with your goggle, it may be the size of the balaclava. The cloth headgear should cover just around the eye socket areas and not too far out from the area.

Finally, for people who wear glasses should consult with an optician about prescription goggle lenses. Wearing goggles that reduce visibility will put you in danger.

There are different ways to wear prescriptions either as glasses under your goggles or actual lenses mounted in you goggles.

Glasses under your goggles will tend to fog up quite a bit

Also remember that polarized lenses can be a hazard as they tend to block out small bumps in the snow or make them look a lot smaller than they really are ,that’s why skiers don,t wear them. as long as you have good UV on the lenses a tint will be perfect preferably Gray or Brown.

if you have any questions please leave a comment I answer all of them

Bob the Optician guy : )

Lasik Eye Surgery – Are you ready?

Auge mit Laserstrahl

Is Lasik in your future?

Millions of Americans turn to Lasik Surgery when their vision is less than perfect and they’re tired of being tied down to wearing glasses or contacts. What part of the eye is it that may be causing all your vision trouble? Your cornea! When the shape of your cornea is irregular, the image on your retina is blurry and out-of-focus. The cornea is a part of your eye that works to focus light and projects an image on the retina. This focusing of light is called refraction. The 3 main types of refractive errors are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. If you are nearsighted, you have trouble seeing objects in the distance. If you are farsighted, you have trouble seeing things close up. Astigmatism is caused by irregularities in the surface of the cornea or lens and causes the image on the retina to be distorted. It’s not uncommon for a person to have a combination of all 3 refractive errors especially over fifties people, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Before Lasik Surgery, glasses and contact lenses were the main ways to compensate for your eye’s imperfections. And in certain case,s may still be.

What exactly is Lasik?

Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Keratomileusis is the carving of the cornea in order to reshape it. As the laser reshapes the cornea, it changes the angle at which you see images and therefore strengthens your vision significantly. This reshaping adjusts and strengthens the power of your cornea to focus on objects near and far. If you are nearsighted, your doctor uses the laser to flatten your cornea that is too-steep. If you are farsighted, your doctor uses the laser to make your cornea steeper because it is too flat. For astigmatism, the laser can be used to smooth an irregular cornea into a more smooth shape. There are few other procedures like Lasik Eye Surgery that can give you these amazing results and permanently change the shape of your cornea in just minutes.

OK, I’m convinced, now what?

Start by talking to family, friends and co-workers. Who do you know that has had Lasik Surgery? Did they have a good outcome? How long were they out of work? How much did they pay? Did they have to pay the total price prior to the surgery? Would they recommend their surgeon to you? Then armed with this information, begin researching what surgeon you would like to schedule an initial consultation with. Ask lots of questions and keep a notebook of all the details that you learn. You’ve taken your first step toward better vision with Lasik Surgery!

One other thought is try to pick a Opthalmologist rather than a Optometrist as they have a much better understanding of eyes in general. also make sure they are independant of actual laser clinics so you can get a more unbiased opinion .

If you have any questions don,t hesitate to leave a comment.
Bob the optician guy :)

Glorious Vintage Eyewear

Picture supplied by Wicki Commons

Eyewear is considered to be a vital aspect of an individual’s life cycle and the image the person wants to present to the world. We are one of the leading retailers in this field and enrich our customers with a glorious range of vintage eyewear frames that are considered as the best available online at affordable prices. We care about your eyes and we can help you choose suitable eyewear for you whether they are vintage eyewear frames or classic eyewear.

Did you know there are certain retailers that specialize in Vintage eyewear.  With glasses turning to the more vintage look a lot of people are desiring frames that are classic early design,s and do not want to spend great amounts of money to aquire them.

Before this you had to go look around antique stores or if you were lucky you might find a vintage frame being sold in a garage sale or a flee market. But there are now online sites that specialize in eyewear from the 1500 to 1985 . These places buy entire collections from estate sales an actual companies that still produce classic style. As many of these frames are in less than perfect condition they send them out to be refurbished and restored back to there origional beauty.

19th Century Sliding Temple SpectaclesSome of the companies that still make these frames are American Optical Vintage and antique who make lines such as Art Craft , Avante Garde which produce a lot of 70/80,s womens and mens plastic frames, Nino Balli frames there again more to 70,s looks. and many more antique and vintage frames  .

So if you would like more info on this the eyeglass Warehouse is a good place to start, Of coarse in most casses lenses to your prescription are not included but can be made at your local optical store or online.

As Always if you have any questions please leave a comment below

Bob the optician guy :)

How Does The Eye Work


By the American Optometric Association

Vision begins when light rays are reflected off an object and enter the eyes through the cornea, the transparent outer covering of the eye. The cornea bends or refracts the rays that pass through a round hole called the pupil. The iris, or colored portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil, opens and closes (making the pupil bigger or smaller) to regulate the amount of light passing through. The light rays then pass through the lens, which actually changes shape so it can further bend the rays and focus them on the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is a thin layer of tissue at the back of the eye that contains millions of tiny light-sensing nerve cells called rods and cones, which are named for their distinct shapes. Cones are concentrated in the center of the retina, in an area called the macula. In bright light conditions, cones provide clear, sharp central vision and detect colors and fine details. Rods are located outside the macula and extend all the way to the outer edge of the retina. They provide peripheral or side vision. Rods also allow the eyes to detect motion and help us see in dim light and at night. These cells in the retina convert the light into electrical impulses. The optic nerve sends these impulses to the brain where an image is produced.

For More Information check out

Fun Contacts – are they safe


Posted by: Ramsey Isler

Contacts lenses are a vital part of today’s society but what about fun contacts used for Halloween and special occasions are they safe?. They seem to be available everywhere especially from places like Asia where you can buy them for a minimal cost of $30.00 . The big concern is that these contact lenses are contraband and considered very dangerous to the general public.

Sites that sell contact lenses that are legit and follow the rules are supposed to verify customers’ prescriptions with their eye doctors. By contrast, sites that sell these contraband contacts to customers who choose to ignore rules and regulations ( proberly because a lot of the time they are,nt aware of them ) and are considered in north America as illegal, but they don,t seem to have any control on the sale through the Internet.

As you can imagine the consequent,s of this practice can lead to severe problems with eye infections and worse. First and foremost the younger generation have caught on to this and are the major purchasers of fun contacts with the latest version called Big Eyes The lenses give wearers a  doe-eyed appearance which is very alluring especially to teenagers.

Now although they look cute and are unusual looking, the person who does not know how to wear contacts and have not been trained in there use can risk serious eye injury. The biggest problem being is that contraband contacts are not inspected by the FDA so you don’t know if they have infectious material in them . Any contacts that are not name brand lines are not sold to the public on legit sites.

So what should you do

The first thing to do is to go to an eye care professional and get an eye exam even if you don,t feel you need a prescription the optometrist will examine your eyes and determine what kind of contacts will best suite your eyes ,then either the optometrist or optician will take what they call a Keratometry reading to determine the proper curvature to use in contacts. And then will train you to insert and remove your contacts and show you how to take proper care of them.

Now I am not saying you shouldn’t wear fun contacts but please be cautious on how you use them and where you buy them . As the old saying goes you only have one pair of eyes so be very careful on what you put in them, and remember contacts are “exactly that” they come in actual contact with your eyes. If you are approached by school mates or friends that say its not a big deal I can show how to wear them “think” about what your are doing, putting your eyes in there care, are they qualified ?

One last thing most name brand companies do sell fun contacts such as crazy eye and will ship them to your door but remember you must have the prescription from a doctor so they can check to verify you   Have Fun :)

Bob the optician guy